360 production | CGI | post-production

Newly emerging industries require intelligent and nimble teams. Rather than following the traditional studio/vendor model, we have focused on assembling creative and technical teams on a per-project basis, partnering directly with Networks, Studios, and Brands to bring their visions to life. The ad-hoc nature of our approach allows use the latest equipment and hire the best talent for every position, and requires a very low overhead. This means that we are able to move faster with better artists than any “vendor” in town, and we are able to squeeze more quality into the final product.

Our core team includes experts in every aspect of the traditional and emerging media; we have been instrumental in the creation of award winning Films, TV Shows, Commercials, Music Videos, Interactive stories, VR and AR experiences, and even apps and installations. Individually and as a group we have grown a wide network of talent that we can assemble to bring projects like this to life, giving us a proven ability to fully staff any type of production, post-production, or interactive development project on short notice and at a level of cost and time efficiency that is unheard of in this industry.




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